About Us

PT. Sumber Alam Jaya Perkasa is an international trading company which specializes in the importation and exportation of agricultural products. The company has operated extensively for generations and therefore owns a huge amount of experience in dealing with agricultural commodoties.   

Apart from being an international trading company, we also source and distribute agricultural produce to the domestic market. We are one of the largest distributors and wholesellers in agricultural items in Indonesia due to our experience and capability. Our company head office is based in Medan, Indonesia, strategically located near one of the busiest and most accessible port in the region of Sumatra. However, we have wide local distribution networks across Indonesia including Jakarta, Surabaya as well as Makassar.   

We have our own warehouse facilities which allows us to stock diffferent types products when deemed necessary. In addition, we also have partner warehouses in Jakarta and Surabaya to increase our distribution capability and increase efficiency.   

We have extensive connections with hundreds of suppliers of agricultural products internationally. We have a prearranged framework agreement with each of our suppliers in order to provide us with a strong sourcing base as well as priority rights in terms of quantity and quality providing us with a competitive edge in terms of price and reliability.   

The customers of PT. Sumber Alam Jaya Perkasa are mainly distributors as well as international trading companies. Apart from importing, we are experienced in sourcing Indonesian products for export. Due to our extensive distribution network, we are able to serve customers through various ports. This makes our supply chain one of the most reliable as we are able to serve our customers no matter where they are located.   

Vision & Strategy

  • Expanding our distribution network throughout the work and further strengthen our market presences globally.
  • Enhance our company image, reputation and recognition.
  • To further increase our product range to our ever expanding portfolio.
  • Expanding our supply base by contracting new suppliers and intensifying cooperating with existing suppliers.
  • Continue emphasizing on research and product development and strengthen our expertise and technical capability.
  • Continue to provide our customers with best quality products using international standards.

Product Portfolio

At PT. Sumber Alam Jaya Perkasa, we have a large portfolio of agricultural products. Below are samples of some of our products.

Peeled and Blanched Peanuts

Bombay Onions



Fresh Red Chillies

Green Mung Beans

Dried Red Chillies

Soya Beans

Fresh Ginger

Raw Peanuts

Black Eyed Peas

Black Pepper

Whole Fenugreek

Dried Prawn Paste

Coriander Seeds

Sesame Seeds